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Rostøm & Verschwender


Presenting Eremit: Defiance – an enigmatic release that defies the fragmented landscape of techno subculture. Embark on a exploration, where hidden human depths intertwine with rhythms. Each composition invites listeners to uncover their own narratives, evoking a sense of defiance and connection beyond conventional boundaries. Experience the enigmatic allure of Defiance, where the power of music intertwines with the mysteries of self-expression while consciously isolating from the hypocritical point of views of a big part of the subculture.

1. Rostøm – Mote
2. Verschwender – Rejection Breeds Obsession
3. Rostøm – Pretender
4. Verschwender – Narcissistic Sequence
5. Rostøm – Ain’t Gotta Lie
6. Verschwender – Diavoli Ordinati

Art Direction by Janu Krohm (Humain Studio)
Mastering by Marine Benabou (MB Mastering)
Distribution by Triple Vision